What Enters Your Tummy Stays In Your Tummy

cartoonIf only life was filled with such weight-altering signs as the one above. Yesterday I started the 7 Day Ab Challenge. My goal is to have a somewhat recognizable six pack before I go to the beach in 2-3 weeks. This is the part where I cross my fingers and start saying little prayers. You see, I really REALLY want to kill the extra that has mysteriously accumulated on my midsection. And while other people may not believe that I have anything to complain about, I do. As of right now, this bod does NOT have permission to hit the beach. Whenever I stare at my stomach in the mirror I can envision a giant sign across it that reads NOT BEACH APPROVED. Better yet, Beach DENIED. It’s so sad.

cartoon about eatingI recognize that over the past two months since I have come home for the summer, I was a very naughty girl. I walked nowhere but to the fridge. I drank more sodas than there is water in the ocean. I slept way too much. I baked not one but TWO strawberry shortcakes, and I failed to kick my cookie habit. Although I did a lot of exciting things this summer, I laid around a little too much and gained a few pounds.

woman exercisingSo, I decided to get serious about changing this. Every day, for the next fourteen days I am going to do ab-breaking exercises until this little layer of Extra Tummy is gone. I have four inches to lose off my waist, and while this may not happen in 2-3 weeks, I can make my midsection toned and healthier. This past weekend I spent about an hour pinning inspirational photos and regimens onto my fitness Pinterest board. It really got me in the mood. Check it out here (look for the 5 pounds of muscle photo and the genius title).

workout clothesI want to encourage everyone to keep working hard on your health and never give up. Staying healthy, active, and building good habits is an everyday job for all of us. With hard work and determination it is well within your ability to get fit and obtain the body you want, regardless of what resources (gym memberships, medicine balls, fitness videos, etc) you do or don’t have. It just takes some courage, a lot of commitment, and plenty of motivation. In addition to ab moves, jumping rope, and walking around the block, I am also changing some dietary and living habits:

  • Drinking more water (including a glass before every meal)
  • Eating breakfast
  • No sodas
  • Less sweets (this does not say “no sweets” because let’s just face it, America runs on Sugar, if you know what I mean)
  • Healthy home-cooked meals instead of eating out
  • Good posture.

female surferIt’s going to be hard, but I know it’s going to be worth it, and that’s what matters in the end. Building good habits will lead to a healthier body and a happier me. I think that’s worth cutting a few desserts, don’t you? Who knows, maybe one day I’ll look like this:cartoon jogger

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