Oh Happy Day!

I hope you all enjoyed your Easter and had a wonderful spring day with family and friends. It was rainy and cool where I live so most of my day was spent indoors cuddling up with this cutie pie and fighting to get a bow on top of her head!


Of course, Puddles was a trooper and let me fuss over her for quite some time. At least until basketball returned and I found myself glued to the television celebrating another Final Four berth for my beloved Tar Heels (whoo hoo!).


Aside from all this fun, I couldn’t help but rejoice over Resurrection Day, and having another day – and year – to celebrate Christ’s great sacrifice for us! Over the past few years, Easter’s true meaning has become more significant in my life. Easter is a great time to remind the world of why we have life or hope for life after this world. We are saved, loved and redeemed by Jesus’ astounding grace, and abundant forgiveness. I can say with conviction there’s no greater “holiday” than this one. The work is FINISHED and every day we have hope because HE IS RISEN.

We used to sing a song at the church I attended in college called “Jesus In My Place” and the lyrics hit home:

On my worst of days, what can wash away my sin?

When I fall again and I hear “condemned,” on this I’ll stand

Living the life I could not live Dying the death that I deserved

Jesus in my place, Jesus in my place

This is hope, this is grace, Jesus in my place

There’s no greater feeling than being loved, especially by such an awesome Savior. This Easter was quaint, yet joyous, and it’s exciting to think about what’s to come this week and the rest of 2016. Wishing all of you many moments of inspiration and faith in the days ahead. It’s truly a happy day, and we have so much to be thankful for!

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