I’m a Witness


Today, in one of the greatest examples of democracy that our nation conducts every 4 years, we transferred power from one President to another. I can’t fully put into words my emotions on this day because it’s much more somber and disheartening than anyone would hope. Violent protests are erupting and all I can think about was how starkly different so many of us felt 8 years ago on this very day. So, I found an old poem that I wrote in 2008 and wanted to share it with you all. I hope it brings back good memories.

I Am A Witness

I’m a witness

to this nation.

Generation —

we make a scene.

This is live,

and this is real,

not a book.

And once this world seemed hopeless.

Caught up in a snare.

The president authored our story

and murder he wrote.

But from somewhere

in the blue stars,

the stripes that bleed

white and red.

There came someone

who we love now.

Passion in everything

he said.

Running on change

for a fallen state,

birthing hope

in the hearts of all.

I saw excitement before my eyes.

I lived in wonder

and in awe.

And somehow, maybe

just seeing him,

hearing his voice,

and being there.

I could catch the infectious presence

that he vibrated,

through the air.

So, you may think

I am trippin’.

Caught in a moment

of time.

But I have seen history

in the making.

I’ve seen one time

of a kind.

Because feeling like this,

don’t just happen,

on the way to work

one day.

No, for many it took them.

A lifetime, to feel this way.

And so many people

are hurting.

The nation crying

for a way of escape.

And before this we seemed

to be dying.

In a man’s misjudgment

and fate.

But the sun is shining

on this year now,

through the attacks,

the heartache,

the hate.

We can get one nation to rally,

just once

for the world’s sake.

Baby, I’m sayin’

I’m a witness.

To the American soul

in my heart.

To the flow of compassion

in my veins now.

The hunger to help end strife.

I am one of a million

or dozen.

One of one,

or one of two.

And we want Obama

for president.

Now, it will happen soon.

Don’t disregard my saying this.

Know this day,

and know this year.

Know that we watched

this election.

Know that we, were here.

I am a witness

to this nation.

Generation —

we make a scene.

Decades from now

you will feel this.

Decades from now

you will know,

what we mean.



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